Which Of The Following Are Parts Of The Net Framework?

What does .NET stand for?

net is a top-level domain, also known as a TLD.

Derived from the word network, it was originally developed for companies involved in networking technology..

What is MVC test?

Advertisements. In computer programming, unit testing is a software testing method by which individual units of source code are tested to determine whether they are fit for use.

What are .NET applications?

NET. . NET is a free, cross-platform, open source developer platform for building many different types of applications. NET, you can use multiple languages, editors, and libraries to build for web, mobile, desktop, games, and IoT. …

Which statement is true JIT compiler?

1 JIT compiler compiles instructions into machine code at run time. 2 The code compiler by the JIT compiler runs under CLR. 3 The instructions compiled by JIT compilers are written in native code. 4 The instructions compiled by JIT compilers are written in Intermediate Language (IL) code.

Which of the following statement is correct about JIT?

Which of the following statements are correct about JIT? JIT compiler compiles instructions into machine code at run time. The code compiler by the JIT compiler runs under CLR. The instructions compiled by JIT compilers are written in native code.

What is in .NET framework?

Net Framework is a software development platform developed by Microsoft for building and running Windows applications. The . Net framework consists of developer tools, programming languages, and libraries to build desktop and web applications. It is also used to build websites, web services, and games.

What is namespace example?

A namespace is a group of related elements that each have a unique name or identifier. … A file path, which uses syntax defined by the operating system, is considered a namespace. For example, C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer is the namespace that describes where Internet Explorer files on a Windows computer.

Why namespace is used in C #?

Namespaces are used in C# to organize and provide a level of separation of codes. They can be considered as a container which consists of other namespaces, classes, etc. A namespace can have following types as its members: Namespaces (Nested Namespace)

What is a task C#?

A task is an object that represents some work that should be done. The task can tell you if the work is completed and if the operation returns a result, the task gives you the result.

What are the objectives of .NET framework?

NET Framework is designed to fulfill the following objectives: Provide a consistent, object-oriented programming environment whether object code is stored and executed locally, executed locally but web-distributed, or executed remotely.

What is a namespace in C#?

Namespaces are used to provide a “named space” in which your application resides. They’re used especially to provide the C# compiler a context for all the named information in your program, such as variable names. Without namespaces, for example, you wouldn’t be able to make a class named Console, as .

Is a test framework Mcq asp net?

ASP.NET Core is a new web framework from the Microsoft. It is the framework you want to use for web development with ….ASP.Net Core Questions – ASP.Net Core Quiz Details.Online Test NameASP.Net CoreExam TypeMultiple Choice QuestionsCategoryComputer Science Engineering Quiz1 more row

What are the two main components of net framework?

The two major components of . NET Framework are the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the . NET Framework Class Library. The CLR is the execution engine that handles running applications.

What is .NET core vs framework?

Developers use the . NET framework to create Windows desktop applications and server based applications. This includes ASP.NET web applications. . NET Core is used to create server applications that run on Windows, Linux and Mac.

What is the function of CLR in .NET framework?

The Common Language Runtime (CLR), the virtual machine component of Microsoft . NET Framework, manages the execution of . NET programs. Just-in-time compilation converts the managed code (compiled intermediate language code) into machine instructions which are then executed on the CPU of the computer.

What is .NET interview questions?

. NET Interview Questions For FreshersWhat is CTS? … Explain CLS. … What is JIT? … What is the difference between int and Int32? … Explain the differences between value type and reference type. … What is the difference between managed and unmanaged code? … Explain Microsoft Intermediate Language. … What is an assembly?

What is the code mixed with the HTML and ASP controls called?

inline code is the code mixed with the HTML and asp controls.

Which of the following are parts of the .NET framework Mcq?

NET framework architecture, Common Language Runtime (CLR), Framework Class Library (FCL), managed and unmanaged code, Common Language Specification (CLS), and the namespaces in .

How many types of .NET framework are there?

fourThere are four primary . NET implementations that are actively developed and maintained: . NET Framework: The original .

Which of the following statements is correct about .NET framework?

NET Framework uses DCOM for creating unmanaged applications. . NET Framework uses DCOM for making transition between managed and unmanaged code.

How many languages are supported by Net framework?

60 programming languagesNET Framework supports more than 60 programming languages in which 11 programming languages are designed and developed by Microsoft. The remaining Non-Microsoft Languages which are supported by .

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