What Is Another Word Of Delegate?

What are three synonyms for delegate?

Synonyms of delegateagent,ambassador,emissary,envoy,legate,minister,representative..

What is the word meaning of delegates?

: a person who is chosen or elected to vote or act for others. delegate. verb. English Language Learners Definition of delegate (Entry 2 of 2) : to give (control, responsibility, authority, etc.) to someone : to trust someone with (a job, duty, etc.)

What is a antonym for delegates?

Antonyms. promote demote recuperate linger absolve.

What do you call a person who delegates?

A delegated person is a delegatee. A deputized person is a deputy. An appointed person is an appointee. A delegate is mostly an appointed or elected representative.

What does it mean to delegate an offer?

If you are delegated to do something, you are given the duty of acting on someone else’s behalf by making decisions, voting, or doing some particular work. Officials have now been delegated to start work on a draft settlement. Synonyms: appoint, commission, select, contract More Synonyms of delegate.

What is the difference between envoy and delegate?

As nouns the difference between envoy and delegate is that envoy is (senseid)representative while delegate is a person authorized to act as representative for another; a deputy.

What is the meaning of business delegate?

Delegation is commonly defined as the shifting of authority and responsibility for particular functions, tasks or decisions from one person (usually a leader or manager) to another. … Delegation does not involve telling people what to do.

What is delegate part of speech?

parts of speech: noun, transitive verb features: Word Combinations (noun, verb), Word Explorer. part of speech: noun.

How are delegates picked?

Today, in 48 states, individuals participate in primaries or caucuses to elect delegates who support their presidential candidate of choice. At national party conventions, the presidential contender with the most state delegate votes wins the party nomination.

What is delegation with example?

The definition of a delegation is a group of people who have been tasked with a specific job or given a specific purpose, or the act of assigning a specific task or purpose to a person or group of people. … When a boss assigns tasks to his employees, this is an example of delegation.

What is a antonym for convention?

convention. Antonyms: recess, non-convention, dissolution, prorogation, promise, understanding, word, parole. Synonyms: assemblage, meeting, gathering, conference, cabinet, convocation, congress, session, synod, treaty, compact.

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