Quick Answer: Who Was The First Speaker Of National Assembly?

Who is deputy speaker now?

Deputy Speaker of the Lok SabhaDeputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha Lok Sabhā UpādhyakṣaFlag of IndiaIncumbent Vacant since 23 June 2019StyleThe HonourableAppointerMembers of the Lok Sabha6 more rows.

Who is current deputy chairman?

Harivansh Narayan Singh (born 30 June 1956) is an Indian journalist and politician, who is the Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Indian Parliament.

Who is the deputy speaker of assembly?

State Legislative AssembliesState/UTSpeakerDeputy SpeakerHimachal PradeshVipin Singh ParmarHans RajJammu and KashmirVacant (President’s rule)Vacant (President’s rule)Jharkhand (list)Rabindra Nath MahatoVacantKarnataka (list)Vishweshwar Hegde KageriAnand Mamani27 more rows

Which country accepted Pakistan first?

IranInternational recognition of PakistanCountryDate of recognition1Iran14 August 19472Turkey14 August 19473Saudi Arabia14 August 19474Commonwealth14 August 194748 more rows

What is the other name for the National Assembly?

What is another word for national assembly?assemblychamber of deputiescongressdietgeneral assemblyhouse of assemblylegislative assemblyparliamentsoviet

Who was the first deputy speaker of Pakistan?

ListOrderDeputy SpeakerTime Duration1Maulvi Tamizuddin Khan23 February 1948 – 13 December 19482Muhammad Hashim Gazdar28 March 1953 – 24 October 19543Cecil Edward Gibbon12 August 1955 – 7 October 19584Mohammad Afzal Cheema11 June 1962 – 12 January 196515 more rows

Who is current Deputy Speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan?

Qasim Khan Suri was elected as the Deputy Speaker of the 15th National Assembly of Islamic Republic of Pakistan on 15th August, 2018 by securing 183 votes.

Who wrote constitution of Pakistan?

Drafted by the government of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, with additional assistance from the country’s opposition parties, it was approved by the Parliament on 10 April and ratified on 14 August 1973. The Constitution is intended to guide Pakistan’s law, its political culture, and system.

Who was the head of the National Assembly?

Presidents of the National Constituent Assembly (1789–1791)PresidentBeganStanislas, comte de Clermont-Tonnerre17 August 1789César Guillaume de La Luzerne31 August 1789Stanislas, comte de Clermont-Tonnerre9 September 1789Jean-Joseph Mounier28 September 178959 more rows

Who gave the idea of constitution?

M.N Roy, a pioneer of the communist movement in India and an advocate of radical Democracy was the person who for the first time in 1934 put forth the Idea an Indian Constituent Assembly for framing of Constitution of India for and according to Indians.

When was the first National Assembly?

20 June 1789National Assembly (French Revolution)National Assembly Assemblée nationaleEstablished20 June 1789Disbanded9 July 1789Preceded byEstates-General of 1789Succeeded byNational Constituent Assembly5 more rows

Who was the first Speaker of Constituent Assembly?

The first Speaker/President of the National Assembly of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was elected unanimously by the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan on 11 August 1947. He served from 11 August until his death on 11 September 1948.

Who was the first female speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan?

She served as the 18th and only women Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan from March 2008 to June 2013….Fahmida Mirza.Fahmida Zulfiqar Ali MirzaPresidentMamnoon Hussain Arif AlviPrime MinisterImran KhanPreceded byMuhammad Azam Khan (caretaker)18th Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan30 more rows

Who is the current Speaker of the National Assembly in Zambia 2020?

National Assembly of ZambiaNational AssemblyTypeUnicameralLeadershipSpeakerPatrick Matibini since 6 October 2011Structure12 more rows

Who decided name Pakistan?

The name of the country was coined in 1933 by Choudhry Rahmat Ali, a Pakistan Movement activist, who published it in a pamphlet Now or Never, using it as an acronym (“thirty million Muslim brethren who live in PAKISTAN”), and referring to the names of the five northern regions of the British Raj: Punjab, Afghania, …

How assembly speaker is elected?

The speaker is elected generally in the first meeting of the Lok Sabha following general elections. Serving for a term of five years, the speaker chosen from sitting members of the Lok Sabha (House of the People), and is by convention a member of the ruling party or alliance.

Who is the first lady Speaker of Parliament?

Meira KumarSucceeded byMayawatiPersonal detailsBorn31 March 1945 Patna, Bihar, British India (present day Patna, Bihar, India)Political partyIndian National Congress33 more rows

Who elect Speaker of National Assembly?

National Assembly (Kenya)National Assembly of the Republic of KenyaSpeakerJustin Muturi, Jubilee since 28 March 2013Deputy SpeakerMoses Cheboi, Jubilee since 31 August 2017Majority LeaderSamuel Porgisio, Jubilee since 2 June 2020Minority LeaderJohn Mbadi, NASA since 8 August 201721 more rows

What is the role of the Speaker of the National Assembly?

The Speaker is the mouthpiece for the House, for example, conveying Messages and Addresses from the House to the Governor. The Speaker is also charged with upholding the rights and privileges of Members and of the House.

Who was the first speaker of the National Assembly of Zambia?

The post of Speaker was first created on 10 November 1948 when the Governor appointed Thomas Spurgeon Page to preside over the Legislative Council following the 1948 general elections.

What is the name of National Assembly speaker?

National Assembly of PakistanNational Assembly of Pakistan ایوانِ زیریں پاکستان‬SpeakerAsad Qaiser, PTI since 15 August 2018Deputy SpeakerQasim Suri, PTI since 15 August 2018Leader of the HouseImran Khan, PTI since 18 August 2018Leader of the OppositionShehbaz Sharif, PML-N since 20 August 201821 more rows

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