Quick Answer: Who Is The Speaker In The Brook Poem?

What is the literal meaning of the poem?

The literal meaning is to give the general idea discussed in the poem.

The Figurative meaning is the deeper analysis of the poem that is: any kind of “metaphor” is taken into consideration..

What is the mood of the poem?

Mood is the feeling created by the poet for the reader. Tone is the feeling displayed by the author toward the subject of the poem. … Example: Some words that can describe the mood of a poem might be: romantic, realistic, optimistic, pessimistic, gloomy, mournful, sorrowful, etc.

Why does the speaker say the above lines?

[The extract is taken from the Animal Farm] Old Major, the boar, is the speaker of the lines above. In a farm meeting of animals of Manor Farm, he explains that he is getting old and may die soon, so he wishes to impart his wisdom. This speech plants the idea of rebellion in the minds of the animal.

Who is the speaker in the above lines Amanda?

Robin KleinAnswer: (i) Robin Klein (poetess) is the speaker in these lines. (ii) The speaker advised Amanda not to eat chocolate. She wants her to take care of her acne.

Who is the speaker in the Lady of Shalott?

In Memoriam, A.H.H. Who is the speaker in “The Lady of Shalott” poem? The speaker is unnamed and unidentified.

What makes the brook angry?

Answer. the Brook feels annoyed while passing through obstructs or barriers in the way.

Can the journey of the brook be compared to human life how class 8?

The brook is immortal whereas the human life is transient. The brook overcomes all hurdles on the way to its destination whereas the humans are subjected to emotional breakdowns and despair.

What do we learn from the brook?

1 Answer. The brook teaches us that life is full of hurdles but we should not slow down. We must continue ahead keeping our goals in mind. If we do so, we are sure to achieve happiness and fulfilment.

What does the brook carry along with it?

The Brook carries Fishes like big freshwater fish (trout) and graying , willow-weeds,flowers , foamy flakes,etc along with it.

What does the brook do at night?

The journey of the brook begins in the highest hill ranges which are the dwelling places of water birds like the coot and the heron; it then flows down the narrow hill ranges and through tiny villages, farms and fields in the brimming sunlight, and at night shattering, gurgling and bubbling as it flows downwards in a …

What unique situation is the Lady of Shalott in?

Terms in this set (17) She lives in a world of shadows. The outside world is brazen and glitters. The lady lives in a world of shadows while villagers and courtiers move and mingle in a bright world.

What is the speaker in the poem?

Definition: In poetry, the speaker is the voice behind the poem—the person we imagine to be saying the thing out loud. It’s important to note that the speaker is not the poet. Even if the poem is biographical, you should treat the speaker as a fictional creation because the writer is choosing what to say about himself.

Which line in the poem compare the brook to a human being?

Which lines in the poem compare the brook to a human being? “For men may come and men may go, But I go on forever”. These lines bring an effective contrast between the transient nature of human and eternal flow of nature, represented by the brook.

Is the speaker in the poem?

The speaker is the voice or “persona” of a poem. One should not assume that the poet is the speaker, because the poet may be writing from a perspective entirely different from his own, even with the voice of another gender, race or species, or even of a material object.

Why is the speaker angry at death?

Answer Expert Verified The speaker is angry at Death because IT HAS SEPARATED HIM FROM HIS FRIEND. This question was drawn from the poem ‘In Memoriam’ by A.H.H. by Alfred Lord Tennyson. In this poem, the speaker was discussing the death of his friend.

Is the speaker aware of his shortcomings?

Answer: Yes, the speaker is aware of his shortcomings.

What does the Lady of Shalott symbolize?

One of the possible interpretations of “The Lady of Shalott” is as an indictment of Victorian culture, which conflated women’s inherent value with their sexual purity. The Lady, in her tower on Shalott, is surrounded by lilies, a frequent symbol of chastity and purity.

Who is I referred to in the poem The Brook class 8th?

Who is “I” referred to as in the poem? Ans. “I” in the poem is referred to as “The Brook”. Although the writer of the poem is Alfred Tennyson.

What is the summary of the poem The Brook?

This is a poem that traces the life of a brook or a small stream as it emerges from the mountaintop and flows down the hills and across valleys to empty into the river. On a deeper level, the poet uses the brook to draw a parallel with the life of man.

What is an example of speaker?

The definition of a speaker is a spokesperson or a person giving a speech. An example of speaker is the person who people have gathered around to hear talk about something. Speaker is defined as an electrical device used to make sound or music louder. An example of speaker is how music is listened to in a car.

What does the speaker in the poem enjoy?

The speaker enjoys the blessings of his other senses of touch, hearing, smell and taste. He has an optimistic and positive attitude towards life.

What flowers does the brook for happy lovers?

The brook secretly moves though the grassy plots and lawns and moves swiftly by the bushy hazel trees. The brook shakes and sweet forget – me- not flowers which grow for happy lovers. The brook moves along making different movements like slipping, sliding, moving through darkness and so on.

Where is the speaker in the poem The Brook?

“The Brook” Summary. The speaker of the poem, the brook itself, explains that it started out in a body of water where birds called coot and heron often gather. Suddenly, the brook rushes forward. The sunlight glitters on the water as the brook weaves through greenery that grows beside the stream bank.

Who is the speaker of above lines?

Vikram SethThe speaker of the above lines is Vikram Seth.

How is the brook a symbol of life?

The brook is a symbol of life. The brook’s journey from its origin to its destination the brimming river represents a man’s journey of life from birth to death. Whatever happens to it on the way is similar to what man encounters through his life. … The brook carries many things with it as it flows.

What is the difference between Brook and human being?

The only difference between the two can be drawn by the fact that the brook is eternal and has a continuous flow while the human life ends by the arrival of death. … The brook appears to be a symbol for life, which becomes the central theme of the poem.

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