Quick Answer: Who Is The Biggest Rowdy In Tamilnadu?

What are the dangerous areas in Chennai?

Haunted places in chennai includes De Monte Colony, Broken Bridge, Karikattukuppam, ECR, Two-Laned East Coast Road, Anna Flyover, Madras Christian College and many more..

Who is the owner of Tamilnadu?

The present government is headed by Edappadi K. Palaniswami, after the demise of former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, J. Jayalalithaa of the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam.

Which is the most dangerous city in Tamilnadu?

CoimbatoreCoimbatore in Tamil Nadu has highest crime reported where as Nilgiri has least crime reported.

Which is the beautiful district in Tamilnadu?

Salem district1) Yercaud Often referred to as Poor Man’s Ooty, Yercaud is a beautiful yet unexplored hill station in the Salem district of Tamil Nadu. It is settled wonderfully in the Eastern Ghats in the lap of the Shevaroy Hills, and hence it is blessed with the beauty of lush green vegetation and rich dense forests.

Which state is safe for girl in India?

It registered 59,853 cases. Rajasthan came second with 41,550 cases. And Maharashtra ranked third with 37,144 cases. Police state that better and efficient policing is one of the reasons why Kolkata has become the safest city for women.

Who is Tamilnadu PM?

The current incumbent is Edappadi K….List of chief ministers of Tamil Nadu.Chief Minister of Tamil NaduInaugural holderA. Subbarayalu Reddiar (as the Chief Minister of Madras State) C. N. Annadurai (as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu)Formation17 December 1920DeputyDeputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu14 more rows

Which caste is more in Tamilnadu?

Adi Dravida are numerically the largest SCs with a population of 5,402,755, constituting 45.6 per cent of the state SC population. They are followed by Pallan 2,272,265 (19.2 per cent), Paraiyan 1,860,519 (15.7 per cent), Chakkiliyan 777,139 (6.6 per cent) and Arunthathiyar 771,659 (6.5 per cent).

Which is best district in Tamilnadu?

List of districts by HDI as of 2017hideRankDistrictHDI for 2017High human development1Kanyakumari0.9442Virudhunagar0.8553Thoothukudi0.85232 more rows

Which is the dangerous place in Tamilnadu?

Infamous for 70 continuous hairpin bends, the Kolli Hill Road is not for the faint-hearted. Hence, Kolli Hill is also called as the ‘Mountain of Death’. Located in Tamil Nadu, the spot is famous for Agaya Gangai waterfalls and a Shiva temple.

Is Chennai dangerous?

Chennai, the capital city of the State of Tamil Nadu, is regarded as one of the safest cities in India. Violent crimes in Chennai, especially ones directed against foreigners, have traditionally been uncommon.

Who is Police Minister of Tamilnadu?

Edappadi K. Palaniswami ministryhidePortfoliosNameConstituencyPublicEdappadi K. PalaniswamiEdappadiIndian Administrative ServiceIndian Police ServiceIndian Forest Service47 more rows

Which is second largest city in Tamilnadu?

CoimbatoreCoimbatore is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu after Chennai and the 16th largest urban agglomeration in India as per the census 2011. It is administered by the Coimbatore Municipal Corporation and is the administrative capital of Coimbatore District.

Which is the richest area in Chennai?

Top 10 Most Posh Areas in Chennai (Best Residential Places & Localities)Adyar. Adyar is situated in southern Chennai and is one of Chennai’s largest and most prominent neighborhoods. … Anna Nagar. … Besant Nagar. … Kotturpuram. … Mylapore. … Nungambakkam. … R.A Puram. … Thiruvanmiyur.More items…•Feb 24, 2021

Which is the main city of Tamilnadu?

ChennaiTamil Nadu/Capitals

Who is the rowdy place in Tamilnadu?

Tirunelveli districtTirunelveli districtArea rank1Population (2011)• Total3,077,233• Density410.5/km2 (1,063/sq mi)33 more rows

Which is richest city in Tamilnadu?

Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu and sits by the Bay of Bengal. Given its glorious history and its significance as Madras Presidency during the British rule, Chennai is historically and culturally rich and diverse, attracting tourism in turn. Besides being a pioneer in art, culture, and music.

What are the 37 districts in Tamilnadu?

Districts of Tamil NaduAriyalur.Chengalpattu.Chennai.Coimbatore.Cuddalore.Dharmapuri.Dindigul.Erode.

Which is big district in Tamilnadu?

ChennaiThe largest city in Tamil Nadu is Chennai. Total area of Tamil Nadu is 1,30,060 km² including 1,16,424.47 km² rural area and 13,635.53 km² urban area….List of Districts in Tamil Nadu.#2DistrictChennaiArea (km²)175Population (2011)46,46,73231 more columns