Quick Answer: Who Among The Following Holds The Record Of Being The Youngest Cabinet Minister In The Government Of India?

Who is the first MLA of India?

Political career Shabnam Mausi was elected from the Sohagpur constituency in Madhya Pradesh state’s Shahdol-Anuppur district..

What age can you become an MP?

be over 18 years of age.

How much do MPs earn in UK?

The basic annual salary of a Member of Parliament (MP) in the House of Commons is £81,932, as of April 2020. In addition, MPs are able to claim allowances to cover the costs of running an office and employing staff, and maintaining a constituency residence or a residence in London.

Who is youngest MLA in India?

Arun Verma (born 12 September 1986) is an Indian politician and member of the Samajwadi Party. He was previously MLA of Sadar constituency of Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He was India’s second youngest MLA (at the age of 25) after Umed Singh of Rajasthan Legislative Assembly.

Who is the youngest current MP?

Of those whose ages can be verified, the youngest MP since the Reform Act of 1832 is Mhairi Black, elected in 2015 aged 20 years 237 days.

Who is first lady cm?

Chronological list of female Indian chief ministersS. No.NameState1Sucheta Kripalani (25 June 1908 – 1 December 1974)Uttar Pradesh2Nandini Satpathy (9 June 1931 – 4 August 2006)Odisha3Shashikala Kakodkar (7 January 1935 – 28 October 2016)Goa4Anwara Taimur (24 November 1936 – 28 September 2020)Assam12 more rows

Who is first CM in Delhi?

The first chief minister of Delhi was Ch. Braham Prakash (INC) and the first woman CM was Sushma Swaraj of BJP.

What is the age of PM Modi?

70 years (September 17, 1950)Narendra Modi/Age

What is the salary of Indian MP?

Member of Parliament, Lok SabhaMember of ParliamentConstituting instrumentArticle 81 of Constitution of IndiaFormation26 January 1950First holder17 April 1952Salary₹200,833 (US$2,800) (incl. allowances)10 more rows

Who is the youngest member of Lok Sabha in the history of Indian Parliament?

Chandrani Murmu (born 16 June 1993) is an Indian politician. She was elected to the Lok Sabha, lower house of the Parliament of India from Keonjhar, Odisha in the 2019 Indian general election as a member of the Biju Janata Dal. Chandrani Murmu is currently the youngest Indian Member of Parliament.

Who is the first female CM of Delhi?

StatisticsNo.NameLength of termLongest continuous term1Sheila Dikshit15 years, 25 days2Arvind Kejriwal6 years, 117 days3Chaudhary Brahm Parkash2 years, 332 days4 more rows

What is the salary of CM of Delhi?

Chief ministersStateCM Salary per monthBengal₹117,000 (US$1,600)Puducherry₹120,000 (US$1,700)Nagaland₹110,000 (US$1,500)Delhi₹72,000 (US$1,000)26 more rows

Who is the youngest CM in India?

Amarinder Singh (b. 11 March 1942) of Punjab is the oldest chief minister while Arunachal Pradesh’s Pema Khandu (b. 21 August 1979) is the youngest.

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