Quick Answer: Which Of The Following Is Not A File Opening Mode?

What are the attributes of file object?

The file Object AttributesAttributeDescriptionfile.closedReturns true if file is closed, false otherwise.file.modeReturns access mode with which file was opened.file.nameReturns name of the file.file.softspaceReturns false if space explicitly required with print, true otherwise..

Which function is used to write a list of string in a file?

Discussion ForumQue.Which function is used to write a list of string in a fileb.writelines()c.writestatement()d.writefullline()Answer:writeline()1 more row

Which method can be used to open a file in file handling?

Which of the following methods can be used to open a file in file handling? Explanation: Both A and B methods can be used to open a file in file handling. 6.

Which of the following is correct for opening a file?

1. Which one of the following is correct syntax for opening a file. Explanation: fopen() opens the named file, and returns a stream, or NULL of the attempt fails.

Which of the following is NOT attributes of file?

Which one of the following is not attributes of file? Explanation: rename is not the attribute of file rest all are files attributes.

What is the keyword used to declare a file pointer?

A new data type called “FILE” is used to declare file pointer. This data type is defined in stdio. h file. File pointer is declared as FILE *fp.

What is file and file pointer?

A file pointer is a pointer to a structure, which contains information about the file, including its name, current position of the file, whether the file is being read or written, and whether errors or end of the file have occurred.

What is string * x y?

string* x, y; a. x is a pointer to a string, y is a string. b. y is a pointer to a string, x is a string.

What files can Python read?

Now, we will look at the following file formats and how to read them in Python:Comma-separated values.XLSX.ZIP.Plain Text (txt)JSON.XML.HTML.Images.More items…•Mar 2, 2017

Which header file is used for reading and writing to a file Mcq?

fstreamExplanation: header file contains all the file reading and writing functions.

What is the use of A in file handling?

“a” – Searches file. If the file is opened successfully fopen( ) loads it into memory and sets up a pointer that points to the last character in it. If the file doesn’t exist, a new file is created. Returns NULL, if unable to open file.

Which of the following is attributes of file?

In operating systems like Linux, there are three main file attributes: read (r), write (w), execute (x). Read – Designated as an “r”; allows a file to be read, but nothing can be written to or changed in the file. Write – Designated as a “w”; allows a file to be written to and changed.

Which one is the file attribute?

File attributes are a type of meta-data that describe and may modify how files and/or directories in a filesystem behave. Typical file attributes may, for example, indicate or specify whether a file is visible, modifiable, compressed, or encrypted.

Which header file is used for reading and writing to a file in C++?

iostreamThis data type represents the file stream generally, and has the capabilities of both ofstream and ifstream which means it can create files, write information to files, and read information from files. To perform file processing in C++, header files and must be included in your C++ source file.

What is correct syntax?

Along with diction, syntax is a fundamental part of written language. … Correct syntax examples include word choice, matching number and tense, and placing words and phrases in the right order. While diction can be flexible, especially in casual conversation, proper syntax is comparatively strict.

What is C file data type?

A FILE is a type of structure typedef as FILE. It is considered as opaque data type as its implementation is hidden. We don’t know what constitutes the type, we only use pointer to the type and library knows the internal of the type and can use the data. Definition of FILE is in stdio although it is system specific.

What is FILE * fp?

In your line of code, fp means “file pointer”. In the C standard library, for example when using the fopen function to open a file, a FILE pointer is returned. FILE is a kind of structure that holds information about the file.

What is the file key word in C?

is this a keyword or special data type for C to handle files with? What you are refering to is a typedef’d structure used by the standard io library to hold the appropriate data for use of fopen, and its family of functions.

Which of the following is the correct way to declare a pointer?

Explanation: int *ptr is the correct way to declare a pointer.

What is file handling explain with example?

File Handling is the storing of data in a file using a program. In C programming language, the programs store results, and other data of the program to a file using file handling in C. Also, we can extract/fetch data from a file to work with it in the program. The operations that you can perform on a File in C are −

What is the use of eof ()?

Remarks. Use EOF to avoid the error generated by attempting to get input past the end of a file. The EOF function returns False until the end of the file has been reached. With files opened for Random or Binary access, EOF returns False until the last executed Get statement is unable to read an entire record.

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