Quick Answer: What Will The Poet Tell With The Singh?

What would the poet tell after age with a Singh?


Answer: The poet would say with pride that two roads had diverged in a wood and he had chosen the the less traveled, the second path.

He says that this choice had made the difference in his life and made him different from rest of the travelers..

What would the poet be telling and why with a sigh?

The speaker has doubts that he should ever come back because “way leads on to way.” Then he states that he shall be telling this with a sigh. There is a certain amount of regret. The speaker is telling this with a sigh because he could not take both roads.

How will the poet tell his story Class 9?

Answer. Answer: He tells his story with a sigh as he is recounting a past event of his life which shaped him as he is today.

Why did the poet look down the road?

Answer: The poet looked down the road as far as he could see because the road he was walking on that morning got diverged into two; he was in doubt as to which road he should continue walking. One of them was quite worn out; the other was grassy. The poet was making up his mind.

What kind of person is the poet?

Answer. Poet is the Person Whose mind is always curious and thoughtful. Emotions ,Words and Themes are the core of his/her Mind. A Poet is that person who expressed his feeling.,Emotion with the help of word from his heart .

Do the two roads look equally attractive to the speaker?

Answer:yes, the two roads look equally attractive to the speaker because he describes the second road ‘just as a fair’ . Explanation:This is a perfect answer as it is very much effective to the teachers. Speaker describes the other road just as a fair because………

Does the poet regret his decision?

Answer. No, the poet did not regret his decision. He was more than happy with his decision. The place had leaves all over it and it looked as if nobody had ever walked on it.

What will the poet tell with a Singh?

The poet will tell that he will choose the path not choosen by anyone means the grassy way with a sigh…

What is the theme of the poem?

Theme is the lesson about life or statement about human nature that the poem expresses. To determine theme, start by figuring out the main idea. Then keep looking around the poem for details such as the structure, sounds, word choice, and any poetic devices.

Why does the poet feel sorry?

The poet is feeling sorry because he could not travel both the roads. The mood of the poet is regretful and thoughtful.

What is the message of the poem The Road Not Taken?

The main theme of “The Road Not Taken” is that life is full of choices which will define our destinies. The speaker spends a while deliberating when he comes to a fork in the road, which symbolizes a choice he must make in his life.

What do the two roads symbolize?

1 Answer. The two roads symbolize the choices that one has to make in life. It is very important to make the right choice because we can never retrace our path and go back. One road would lead on to another and there is no coming back.

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