Quick Answer: What Are The Bad Parts Of Baltimore?

What is the most dangerous part of Baltimore?

The most dangerous areas in Baltimore is based on data from the local law enforcement agency and when not available, also includes estimates based on demographic data.Hopkins-Middle East.

Population 7,746.

West Baltimore.

Cherry Hill.

Berea Area.


Fairfield Area.

Greenmount East.

Brooklyn-Curtis Bay.More items….

Are there any nice parts of Baltimore?

The 5 Best Baltimore, MD NeighborhoodsInner Harbor. Baltimore’s Inner Harbor neighborhood is a firm favorite with both the local residents and visitors to the city. … Mount Vernon, Baltimore. Mount Vernon is Baltimore’s cultural quarter. … Federal Hill. … Hampden, Baltimore Neighborhood. … Cockeysville. … So Much More to Offer.Apr 10, 2013

What are the bad parts of Maryland?

The 10 Worst Places To Live In Maryland For 2021Cambridge.Salisbury.Bladensburg.Elkton.Baltimore.Mount Rainier.Hagerstown.Cumberland.More items…

What is the poorest part of America?

In the United States (in 2017), the place with the lowest median household income was Little River, California (population 117), while the place with the lowest median household income with a population of more than 1,000 was Comerío Zona Urbana in Comerío, Puerto Rico (population 4,312).

Who is the poorest city in America?

Here are the poorest cities in every state, based on household earnings, counting down to the absolute poorest in the country:Minnesota: St.Utah: Provo. … Idaho: Nampa. … Nebraska: Lincoln. … Maine: Portland. … New Hampshire: Manchester. … Hawaii: Urban Honolulu. okimo / Shutterstock. … Alaska: Anchorage. Rex Lisman / Shutterstock. … More items…•Dec 21, 2020

Is Baltimore dangerous at night?

The simple answer is no. The reality is that it really depends mostly on the neighborhood. In Baltimore City you can be in a safe area and walk three blocks and be in a shooting gallery. Daytime is usually safe in most areas but night time violent crime is actually underreported.

Is Baltimore a black city?

Majority white for most of its history, Baltimore transitioned to having a black majority in the 1970s. As of the 2010 Census, African Americans are the majority population of Baltimore at 63% of the population.

Is Baltimore a walkable city?

Baltimore City has amassed a 66.2 Walk Score, making it #10 on the list of Most Walkable Cities in the United States.

Is Baltimore airport safe?

Security is state-of-the-art at BWI: Over the past few years, airport security has drastically improved. … As per TSA regulations, all flyers have to go through security before being allowed to go to their gate. But you can feel safe and secure when traveling through BWI.

How dangerous is Baltimore MD?

It’s no surprise that Baltimore is number one when it comes to dangerous places in Maryland. Its violent crime rate surpasses all other Maryland towns and it’s constantly listed in the top 10 most dangerous places in the entire U.S. There have been 109 homicides in Baltimore so far in 2020.

Is Baltimore a poor city?

Nearly 40 million Americans are living below the poverty line, the study found. … Baltimore City has the highest poverty rate in Maryland, at 21.8% of its population, while Calvert County has the lowest, at 5.1%. The areas with the highest rates of poverty are Baltimore City and Somerset and Allegany counties.

Is Baltimore a fun place to live?

The Baltimore metropolitan area’s population of nearly 2.8 million has grown in recent years, but it still has a small-town feel. … Baltimore’s elegant architecture, friendly people and lively pockets of nightlife and music make Charm City a pleasant and fun place to call home.

What is the poorest major city in America?

PhiladelphiaWith a poverty rate of 23.3% in 2019 — slightly higher than it was in 2000 — Philadelphia is saddled with the ignoble distinction of being the poorest big city in America.

Is Cherry Hill Baltimore safe?

But the Cherry Hill location is considered one of Safe Streets’ most successful, said Brian Hawkins, CEO of Family Health Centers of Baltimore, which hosts the Safe Streets office in its Cherry Hill clinic. The shared location helps, Hawkins said.

Is Philly more dangerous than NYC?

And for the fourth year in a row, Philadelphia is seeing more homicides than New York City, a city where the population is more than five times bigger. Apeldorn says in addition to the heroin and opioid epidemic and warring gangs involved in the drug trade, criminals have been emboldened by the sidelining of police.

Is Little Italy Baltimore safe?

In fact, Little Italy is one of the safest areas of the city. Of the 32,000 calls to the cities emergency 9-1-1 system this year, just 38 came from Little Italy. “We’re the safest, cleanest neighborhood in the city,” said Gia’s Cafe Owner Gia Blatterman.

Is Baltimore more dangerous than Chicago?

With 58 murders per 100,000 residents in 2019, Baltimore is the deadliest U.S. city with more than 500,000 residents by a wide margin. In 2016, when Chicago had an astoundingly bloody year with 762 homicides, its murder rate was still half of Baltimore’s 2016 rate.

What is the best area of Baltimore to live in?

10 Best Baltimore Neighborhoods To Live InEllicott City. County. School District. Median Home Value. … Columbia. County. School District. Median Home Value. … Ilchester. County. School District. Median Home Value. … Fulton. County. School District. … Scaggsville. County. School District. … Towson. County. School District. … Elkridge. County. School District. … Lutherville. County. School District.More items…•Feb 7, 2020