Quick Answer: Is The Speaker In The Poem Happy At The End Of The Poem?

Who is speaker in the poem?

Just like fiction has a narrator, poetry has a speaker–someone who is the voice of the poem.

Often times, the speaker is the poet.

Other times, the speaker can take on the voice of a persona–the voice of someone else including animals and inanimate objects..

How do you describe the speaker of a poem?

The reader or listener must do more than just hear the voice of the poem to identify the speaker. It is important to examine the other elements of the poem, such as the situation, structure, descriptive details, figurative language and rhythms to help determine the speaker’s identity.

What is the message of the poem be the best?

The poet tries to tell us that we should be proud of whatever we are doing. If we cannot do something great, we should be happy to do smaller things. Everyone cannot be someone great in the world but whatever we become, we should do it well. Whether you win or loose, if you have played well it is enough.

Who is the speaker in the poem Annabel Lee?

The speaker in “Annabel Lee” is often taken to by Edgar Allan Poe himself, but there’s no definitive evidence in the poem to confirm this. However, his wife, Virginia, had died not long before its composition, and she was considerably younger than him.

Why does the speaker in the poem enjoy?

The speaker enjoys the blessings of his other senses of touch, hearing, smell and taste. He has an optimistic and positive attitude towards life.

What is the theme of the poem If?

Theme of the Poem IF: The over-arching theme of the poem If is successful virtuous living based on values pertaining to integrity, rightful behavior and self-development. The poem speaks to each and every reader on what it means to become a complete man and how he operates through the thick and thins of life.

Which days is the speaker talking about?

Answer. Answer: The speaker is talking about occasion that on that day Souyh Africa got independence.

What is the message of the poem blind boy?

The poem the blind boy written by colley ciber is a touching poem portraying the sufferings of a young boy who is blind from birth. the poem also depicts the blessings of the senses which we often take for granted. the poor blind child is not aware of the loss of his sight as he has never experienced it in his life.

What message does the poet trying to convey through the poem Amanda?

Answer: The poem conveys the message that childrem need to be allowed more liberty. Excessive nagging makes them defiant and they turn a deaf ear to the instructions of the elders. They develop a kind of dislike for real life and start escaping into the world of dreams and imagination .

What message does the poet convey in the last stanza?

The poet maybe conveying the power of nature that no matter how hard humans may try to overpower remain unshakeable. A wind results in a complete change of the surroundings.

Who is the speaker in the poem like the Molave?

Zenit LIKE THE MOLAVE I (1940) In Rafael Zulueta da Costa’s 1940 poem Like the Molave,the speaker entreats our national hero, Jose Rizal to inspire generations with his unwavering perseverance for nationalfreedom.

What do you think the speaker means in the last line of the poem?

In the final stanza, the speaker seems to regret the choice he made, to take the road “less traveled by.” The roads are, of course, metaphorical, and they represent choices made or not made. The speaker recalls the choice he made “with a sigh,” implying that in retrospect, it was the wrong choice.

What does the speaker talk about the sun How does he know whether it is day or night?

In “The Blind Boy” by Colley Cibber, the speak is a blind boy. He says that the sun is bright for them who can see with their eyes. But for him, the sun’s warmth is all he has got to know that it is day or night. He cannot know how the sun makes a day or a night because because he does not have a sight.

What message is conveyed in the poem?

The poem is about the life that we face as humans from a very little child till the time we die. The poet wants to tell that this world is a creation of god and we humans are just little players. I hope this was helpful. Please mark as brainliest……

What is the central idea of the poem?

The central theme of a poem represents its controlling idea. This idea is crafted and developed throughout the poem and can be identified by assessing the poem’s rhythm, setting, tone, mood, diction and, occasionally, title.

Why is the poem titled If?

The poem is titled as “if” because at first the poet tells us about the moral values and at the end the poet tells about the outcomes. So, all the lines in the poem begin with if and this is the conditional clause.

What does the speaker come to accept at the end of the poem?

The speaker in the poem is so overcome with grief in his mourning for his lost Lenore that he hallucinates the sounds, sights, and conversations described in the poem. The speaker begs for reassurance that he will be reunited with Lenore, but is told that it will not happen.

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