Question: Who Was The Senate Majority Leader In 2004?

Who won the House and Senate in 2004?

2004 United States presidential election: George W.

Bush defeated Senator John Kerry.

United States Senate elections, 2004 & United States House of Representatives elections, 2004: Republicans increased their majorities in both houses..

Who is the current majority leader of the House?

Current leadersMajority Leader Steny Hoyer (D)Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D)Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R)Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R)1 more row

Who is the current Senate majority leader 2020?

Current floor leaders The Senate is currently composed of 50 Republicans, 48 Democrats, and 2 independents, both of whom caucus with the Democrats. The current leaders are senators Chuck Schumer (D) from New York and Mitch McConnell (R) from Kentucky.

Who ran with John Kerry in 2004?

On the morning of July 6, 2004, Kerry announced the selection of John Edwards as his running mate.

Who controlled the House and Senate in 2002?

107th United States CongressHouse MajorityRepublicanHouse SpeakerDennis Hastert (R)Sessions1st: January 3, 2001 – December 20, 2001 2nd: January 23, 2002 – November 22, 20026 more rows

Who won Nevada in 2004?

Nevada was won by incumbent President George W. Bush with a 2.6% margin of victory.

Who controlled the Senate in 2004?

2004 United States Senate electionsLeaderBill FristTom Daschle (lost re-election)PartyRepublicanDemocraticLeader sinceJanuary 3, 2003January 3, 1995Leader’s seatTennesseeSouth DakotaSeats before514821 more rows

Who is the current majority leader?

With the Democrats holding a majority of seats and the Republicans holding a minority, the current leaders are Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Minority Whip Steve Scalise.

What was Obama running for in 2004?

In 2004, Obama campaigned for the U.S. Senate, participating in the first Senate election in which both major party candidates were African American, the other being Alan Keyes. Obama won the election, gaining a seat previously held by a Republican.

Who controlled the Senate in 2007?

110th United States CongressMembers100 senators 435 representatives 5 non-voting delegatesSenate MajorityDemocraticSenate PresidentDick Cheney (R)House MajorityDemocratic6 more rows

Who had the majority in Congress in 2008?

Democrats controlled the 111th Congress (2009–2011) with majorities in both houses of Congress alongside the country’s first African-American president, Democrat Barack Obama.

Who was the Senate majority leader in 2001?

Tom DaschleOfficial portrait, 2003Senate Majority LeaderIn office June 6, 2001 – January 3, 2003DeputyHarry Reid49 more rows

Who controlled the Senate in 2000?

The 2000 election also produced for the first time a Senate with 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats. This placed the Senate under Democratic control for the initial 17 days of the new Congress, with outgoing Vice President Al Gore providing the tie-breaking vote on organizational matters.

Who controlled the House and Senate in 2004?

The 2004 elections increased the House Republican majority, kept the Senate closely divided, and re-elected President George W. Bush.

Who was the majority leader in 2004?

Majority and Minority LeadersCongressMajority Leader107th Congress (2001–2003)27Thomas A. Daschle (D-SD)108th Congress (2003–2005)William H. Frist (R-TN)109th Congress (2005–2007)William H. Frist (R-TN) 29110th Congress (2007–2009)Harry Reid (D-NV)48 more rows

Who controlled the Senate in 2008?

Going into these elections, the Senate consisted of 49 Democrats, 49 Republicans, and two Independents who caucused with the Democrats, giving the Democratic caucus the slightest 51–49 majority. Of the seats up for election in 2008, 23 were held by Republicans and 12 by Democrats.

Who challenged electoral votes in 2004?

On January 6, 2005, Senator Barbara Boxer of California joined Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Ohio in filing a congressional objection to the certification of Ohio’s Electoral College votes due to alleged irregularities including disqualification of provisional ballots, alleged misallocation of voting machines …

Who was the Senate majority in 2005?

109th United States CongressSenate MajorityRepublicanSenate PresidentDick Cheney (R)House MajorityRepublicanHouse SpeakerDennis Hastert (R)6 more rows

Who controlled the House in 2000?

2000 United States House of Representatives electionsLeaderDennis HastertDick GephardtPartyRepublicanDemocraticLeader sinceJanuary 3, 1999January 3, 1995Leader’s seatIllinois 14thMissouri 3rdLast election223 seats, 48.4%211 seats, 47.3%17 more rows

Who controlled the House in 2012?

2012 United States House of Representatives electionsLeaderJohn BoehnerNancy PelosiPartyRepublicanDemocraticLeader sinceJanuary 3, 2007January 3, 2003Leader’s seatOhio 8thCalifornia 12thLast election242 seats, 51.7%193 seats, 44.9%7 more rows

Who Won president in 2004?

2004 United States presidential electionNomineeGeorge W. BushJohn KerryPartyRepublicanDemocraticHome stateTexasMassachusettsRunning mateDick CheneyJohn EdwardsElectoral vote2862514 more rows

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