Question: Who Made Constitution?

How many articles are there in the constitution 2021?

Original Indian Constitution, when adopted by Constituent Assembly in 1949, had 395 articles and 22 parts.

Many other articles and three other parts were added to it by subsequent constitutional amendments.

As of now, the Indian constitution has about 450 articles in 25 parts..

Who made the Constitution of India?

Constitution of IndiaAuthor(s)Benegal Narsing Rau Constitutional Advisor to the Constituent Assembly B. R. Ambedkar Chairman of the Drafting Committee Surendra Nath Mukherjee Chief Draftsman of the Constituent Assembly and other members of Constituent AssemblySignatories284 members of the Constituent Assembly17 more rows

Why did the Founding Fathers create the Constitution?

Why was the Constitution written? In 1787, Congress authorized delegates to gather in Philadelphia and recommend changes to the existing charter of government for the 13 states, the Articles of Confederation, which many Americans believed had created a weak, ineffective central government.

Who are the 12 founding fathers?

America’s Founding Fathers — including George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, James Monroe and Benjamin Franklin — together with several other key players of their time, structured the democratic government of the United States and left a legacy that has shaped the world.

Which country has best constitution?

Here, you can find which are the countries with the best constitution in the world.USA. It has been already mentioned that the constitution of the USA is the oldest written constitution. … USSR. The constitution of USSR is highly flexible and is not at all static. … Ireland. … UK. … Saudi Arabia.May 21, 2019

Is part 7 of Indian Constitution deleted?

Before The States Reorganisation Act was enacted on 31 August 1956 an important amendment to the Constitution was also enacted; the Seventh Amendment. The Art. 238 was omitted from the Constitution due to the Reorganisation of states and hence the PART VII was repealed.

How many Indian Constitution are there?

The original text of the Constitution contained 395 articles in 22 parts and eight schedules. It came into effect on January 26, 1950, the day that India celebrates each year as the Republic Day. The number of articles has since increased to 448 due to 100 amendments.

Who is Father of the Constitution?

James MadisonJames Madison is known as the Father of the Constitution because of his pivotal role in the document’s drafting as well as its ratification.

What is the last amendment in Indian Constitution?

One Hundred and Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of IndiaThe Constitution (One Hundred and Fourth Amendment) Act, 2019Passed12 December 2019Assented to21 January 2020Commenced25 January 2020Legislative history13 more rows

Where is original Constitution of India kept?

Central Library of the ParliamentThere are three original copies of the Constitution of India. All of these copies have been kept in the Central Library of the Parliament.

Which country made the first constitution?

The Constitution of San Marino is the world’s oldest active written constitution, having been established in 1600, while the Constitution of the United States is the oldest active codified constitution. Only half of all sovereign state constitutions around the world have functioned continuously for more than 19 years.

What is 7th Constitution of India?

GK – Parts of Indian ConstitutionPartContainsArticlesPart VThe Union52 to 151Part VIThe States152 to 237Part VIIStates in the B part of the First schedule (repealed by 7th Amendment)Part VIIIThe Union Territories239 to 24222 more rows

Which country has no written constitution?

BritainBritain is unusual in that it has an ‘unwritten’ constitution: unlike the great majority of countries there is no single legal document which sets out in one place the fundamental laws outlining how the state works. Britain’s lack of a ‘written’ constitution can be explained by its history.

How many laws are there in India?

1,248 lawsAs of January 2017, there were about 1,248 laws. However, since there are Central laws as well as State laws, it is difficult to ascertain their exact numbers as on a given date and the best way to find the Central Laws in India is from the official websites.

Why is Indian constitution called bag of borrowing?

18. Constitution of India: A ‘Bag of Borrowings’ The Indian Constitution is often called a ‘bag of borrowings’. It is called so because it has borrowed provisions from the constitutions of various other countries.

How many languages are there in Indian Constitution?

22 languagesThe Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution lists 22 languages, which have been referred to as scheduled languages and given recognition, status and official encouragement. In addition, the Government of India has awarded the distinction of classical language to Kannada, Malayalam, Odia, Sanskrit, Tamil and Telugu.

Who is the governor of two states?

Current Indian governorsState (past governors)NameAppointed byKarnataka (list)Vajubhai ValaPranab MukherjeeKerala (list)Arif Mohammad KhanRam Nath KovindMadhya Pradesh (list)Anandiben Patel (additional charge)Maharashtra (list)Bhagat Singh Koshyari24 more rows

Who wrote the original constitution by hand?

Prem Behari Narain RaizadaPrem Behari Narain RaizadaBorn17 DecemberDied1966 (aged 64–65)OccupationCalligrapherKnown forHand-writing the Constitution of India1 more row

What are the first 3 words of the Constitution?

The first three words of the Constitution are “We the People.” The document says that the people of the United States choose to create the government. “We the People” also explains that people elect representatives to make laws.

Which state has the oldest constitution?

MassachusettsThe oldest state constitution still in effect is that of Massachusetts, which took effect in 1780.

Who signed last on Indian Constitution?

Feroze GandhiIt was first signed by Dr Rajendra Prasad, the first President of India, while the last to sign in was Feroze Gandhi, the president of the Constituent Assembly.

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