Question: Who Is The Best Tipster In The World?

Which prediction site is the best in the world?

PredictZ is hailed by many as the best and most reliable football prediction site in the world.

They provide football tips, free analysis, football form and statistics, latest results, league tables, and many more.

They cover all of the major football leagues but mostly focus on the English Premier League..

Are tipsters legit?

The profitability of Tipsters is estimated (but not guaranteed) by their ROI over a period of time. Historical records provide some level of reassurance that bet recommendations have, at the very least, been profitable in the past. With performance assured, it’s an attractive proposition to many bettors.

How do you predict a match draw?

One of the biggest indicators around when finding a draw on football is the over/under 2.5 goals market. You want to look for games that have low odds on under 2.5 goals as that is telling you the market isn’t expecting many goals. The fewer goals, the more chance of a draw.

Are fixed matches real?

Fixed matches are illegal so in most in cases, it is done with care, so no one suspects it, but for most fix matches, it is a win-win situation for all those who ensure that a game is fixed.

How do you predict a match and win?

The best way to predict winners is to create your own systems. Your own predictive models using algorithms. The end goal is to use this algorithm to assess the probability of an outcome (be it for a team, individual, event, etc.). Then compare it to the bookmaker’s odds to find value aka profitable bets.

How do you predict a football score?

Step 1 – You have to take the total home goals scored by a team and divide it by the total number of home games. Step 2 – Divide the answer you get by the league’s average home goals divided by the total home games.

How do I win a bet every time?

Promoted StoriesThe favourite doesn’t always win. … Don’t just stick to one bookmaker – shop around. … The fewer selections, the better. … Avoid the temptation of odds-on prices. … Consider the less obvious markets. … Make sure you understand the markets. … Don’t bet with your heart. … Pick your moment.More items…

What are the easiest football bets to win?

Whilst nothing is guaranteed in betting, the following bets are some of the easiest football bets to win:Over/Under.Double chance.Draw no bet.Both teams to score.Jan 28, 2021

What is the easiest thing to bet on?

Here are the easiest sports to bet and make money onFootball betting. Strange as it may sound to many, football betting is still the easiest sport you can bet your money on. … Horse Racing. … Tennis betting. … Cricket betting. … A general tip for winning money in sports betting.Mar 23, 2020

How do you calculate odds of winning?

To calculate winnings on fractional odds, multiply your bet by the top number (numerator), then divide the result by the bottom (denominator). So a $10 bet at 5/2 odds is (10 * 5) / 2, which equals $25. A $10 bet at 2/5 odds is (10 * 2) / 5, which is $4.

Who is the best football tipster on twitter?

Top Football Tipsters to Follow on TwitterAn intro to free football tips.Free football tips on Twitter.James Murphy – 86K+ followers.Pinchbet – 3000%+ return in just a few years (claim)Andy Robson tips – 300K+ followers.Mark O’Haire – football statistician with good returns.Geordie Tipster – 90K+ followers.4 days ago

How do you bet without losing?

How Do You Bet Without Losing?Plenty of Research. The most important aspect of becoming a successful sports bettor is to do plenty of research. … Use a Handicapper. Another helpful tip to remember when betting on sports is to use a handicapper to help guide you. … Show Restraint. … No Parlays.Dec 1, 2020

What are tipsters?

A tipster is someone who regularly provides information (tips) on the likely outcomes of sporting events on internet sites or special betting places.

How do you bet on a tipster?

How to become a tipster with and publish your first…Log in to your account.Go to your profile settings by clicking the avatar located in the top right corner.Under the market place setting click the button become a tipster.Follow the instruction and add.Jan 21, 2021

How do I research a football bet?

How To Research For a Football BetCheck the Performance of Both Teams Over a Long Period. This is an obvious step and yet, somehow plenty of people underestimate its importance. … Check the Short-Term Trends. … Team News Is Essential. … Previous Meetings Between the Two Teams. … Listen to the Experts. … List of Useful Sources. … SoccerStats.Com. … OddsPortal.Com.More items…