Question: Who Are My Senators In Maryland?

Who are the 2 senators from Maryland?

Ben Cardin (Democratic Party)Chris Van Hollen (Democratic Party)Maryland/SenatorsIncumbent Ben Cardin defeated Tony Campbell, Neal Simon, and Arvin Vohra in the general election for U.S.

Senate Maryland on November 6, 2018..

How many districts are in Maryland?

Maryland is divided into eight congressional districts, each represented by a member of the United States House of Representatives. After the 2010 Census, the number of Maryland’s seats remained unchanged, giving evidence of stable population growth relative to the United States at large.

Who represents Baltimore in Congress?

Representative Kweisi Mfume | Representing the 7th District of Maryland.

Who are my Maryland representatives?

Find My RepresentativesGovernor. Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr.Lt. Governor. Boyd K. Rutherford.Attorney General. Brian E. Frosh.Comptroller. Peter Franchot.Maryland Congressional District.US Senators. Benjamin L. Cardin, Chris Van Hollen.US Representative. US Representative.Maryland Legislative District.More items…

Who is the senator of Maryland 2021?

UNITED STATES SENATE Christopher Van Hollen, Jr. Maryland’s U.S. Senators represent Maryland in the 117th Congress, which convened on January 3, 2021. U.S. Capitol (from First St., SE), Washington, DC, December 2017. Photo by Diane F.

How do I contact a Maryland representative?

For more information about the Maryland General Assembly or current legislation, contact the Department of Legislative Services (DLS) by calling:Annapolis / Baltimore Area – 410. 946.5400.From other points in Maryland – 800.492. 7122 ext. 5400.Washington / Metro Area – 301.970. 5400.

How much do Maryland delegates get paid?

Maryland House of DelegatesSalary:$50,330/year + per diemMembersTotal:141Democrats:9918 more rows

Who is the US senator now 2019?

List of senatorsStateSenatorPartyArizonaMark KellyDemocraticArkansasJohn BoozmanRepublicanTom CottonRepublicanCaliforniaDianne FeinsteinDemocratic22 more rows

How many delegates are in Maryland?

MARYLAND’S LEGISLATURE The General Assembly has 188 members, with 47 senators and 141 delegates. One senator and three delegates are elected from each of the 47 legislative election districts.

How many senators do we have in Maryland?

Maryland SenateStructureSeats47Political groupsMajority Democratic (32) Minority Republican (15)Length of term4 years24 more rows

Who is Maryland Senator 2019?

Home | U.S. Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland.

What is the salary of a Maryland state senator?

$50,330/yearMaryland State SenateSalary:$50,330/year + per diemMembersTotal:47Democrats:3218 more rows

Are senators by district?

Members of the U.S. House of Representatives each represent a portion of their state known as a Congressional District, which averages 700,000 people. Senators however, represent the entire state.

Who is Baltimore senator?

Elijah CummingsIn office January 3, 2019 – October 17, 2019Preceded byTrey GowdySucceeded byCarolyn MaloneyMember of the U.S. House of Representatives from Maryland’s 7th district19 more rows

Who are our Maryland senators?

Current leadershipPositionNamePartyPresident of the SenateBill FergusonDemocraticPresident pro temMelony G. GriffithDemocraticMajority LeaderNancy J. KingDemocraticMajority WhipSusan C. LeeDemocratic2 more rows

What does a House delegate do?

Non-voting members of the United States House of Representatives (called either delegates or resident commissioner, in the case of Puerto Rico) are representatives of their territory in the House of Representatives, who do not have a right to vote on proposed legislation in the full House but nevertheless have floor …

Which is a power of the Maryland General Assembly?

The duties and powers vested in the General Assembly include the following: pass laws necessary for the welfare of the State; levy taxes; create special taxing districts or areas within the State to administer a special function; establish executive departments for the efficient operation of the State government; and …