Question: Which Of The Following Statements Is Correct About Managed Code?

Which of the following statements are correct about JIT?

Which of the following statements are correct about JIT.

JIT compiler compiles instructions into machine code at run time.

The code compiler by the JIT compiler runs under CLR.

The instructions compiled by JIT compilers are written in native code..

Which of the following are parts of the Net framework?

There are following components of . NET framework:. NET Class Library.Common Language runtime.Dynamic Language runtime.Application domains.. Net Framework Security.Cross Language interoperability.Side by side execution.Common Type System.

Which one is part of Dot Net Assembly?

C# Assembly is a standard library developed for . NET. Common Language Runtime, CLR, MSIL, Microsoft Intermediate Language, Just In Time Compilers, JIT, Framework Class Library, FCL, Common Language Specification, CLS, Common Type System, CTS, Garbage Collector, GC.

Which object is used to fill a DataSet with query results in Ado net?

__________object is used to fill a DataSet/DataTable with query results in

Is Web API and REST API same?

Yes, REST APIs are a type of Web Service APIs. A REST API is a standardized architecture style for creating a Web Service API. One of the requirements to be a REST API is the utilization of HTTP methods to make a request over a network.

What is REST API interview questions?

15 Rest API Interview Question & Answers Explain what is REST and RESTFUL? … Explain the architectural style for creating web API? … Mention what tools are required to test your web API? … Mention what are the HTTP methods supported by REST? … Mention whether you can use GET request instead of PUT to create a resource?More items…•Apr 23, 2021

Which of the following constitutes the .NET framework?

The two major components of . NET Framework are the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and the . NET Framework Class Library. The CLR is the execution engine that handles running applications.

Why is Msil important?

MSIL is machine independent and can be efficiently compiled into native code. The CLR has a just in time (JIT) compiler which converts the MSIL code into native machine code. Thus, before executing on CPU, MSIL must be translated by a JIT compiler. There is a JIT compiler for each machine architecture supported.

What is the function of CLR in .NET framework?

The Common Language Runtime (CLR), the virtual machine component of Microsoft . NET Framework, manages the execution of . NET programs. Just-in-time compilation converts the managed code (compiled intermediate language code) into machine instructions which are then executed on the CPU of the computer.

Which of the following statements is correct about .NET framework?

NET Framework uses DCOM for creating unmanaged applications. . NET Framework uses DCOM for making transition between managed and unmanaged code.

What is MSIL in asp net?

MSIL – Microsoft Intermediate Language in ASP.Net NET source code into Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) . Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) is a CPU-independent set of instructions that can be efficiently converted to the native code.

What is difference between managed and unmanaged code?

Difference between managed and unmanaged code? Managed code is the one that is executed by the CLR of the . NET framework while unmanaged or unsafe code is executed by the operating system. The managed code provides security to the code while undamaged code creates security threats.

Which statement is correct about managed code?

Which of the following statements is correct about Managed Code? Managed code is the code that is compiled by the JIT compilers. Managed code is the code where resources are Garbage Collected. Managed code is the code that runs on top of Windows.

Which of the following statements are true about the net CLR?

1 It provides a language-neutral development & execution environment. 2 It ensures that an application would not be able to access memory that it is not authorized to access. 3 It provides services to run “managed” applications. 4 The resources are garbage collected.

Which dot net framework supports Web API?

8) Which . NET framework supports Web API? NET 4.0 and above version supports web API.

Which of the following is incorrect about constructors?

Which of the following is incorrect about constructors? Defining of constructors can be implicit or explicit. The calling of constructors is explicit. Implicit constructors can be parameterized or parameterless.

What is the full form of MSIL?

-Full Form of MSIL is Mysore Sales International Ltd.

What is API in Web application?

What are APIs? Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are constructs made available in programming languages to allow developers to create complex functionality more easily. They abstract more complex code away from you, providing some easier syntax to use in its place.

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