Question: Where Was Natasha The Three Days She Was Missing?

Why do Natasha’s mother and father question her?

Why do Natasha’s mother and father question her in Bridegroom.

Natasha disappears for three days and returns home visibly upset.

They want to know what is wrong.

She knows her groom is a murderer..

What is the setting of the bridegroom poem?

Poem Test ReviewThe Bridegroom-Author: Alexander Pushkin-Main character: The merchant’s daughter– Natasha-Natasha was a dynamic character-3rd person omniscient-Poem takes place in Russia-Narrative poem-Most important setting: The hut-Natasha becomes famous by the end for solving a murder.

What is a bridegroom?

: a man just married or about to be married.

What happens at the very beginning of the bridegroom?

What happens at the beginning of “The Bridegroom? … Natasha saw the bridegroom murder another girl.

What did the matchmaker mean by a buyer the bridegroom?

Thinks the man is perfectMatchmaker. -Thinks the man is perfect. -“You have the goods, and I have the buyer”. Natasha is the goods and the man is the buyer. -tells her father that the man is wealthy.

Why did Natasha invite the law to the feast?

Natasha says (line 87-88), “…and call the law to the feast.” Why does she invite the law to her wedding? This foreshadows the arrest of the bridegroom.

Who does Natasha specifically want to invite to her feast?

Who does Natasha specifically want to invite to her feast? Her sisters and her mom.

What is the climax in the bridegroom?

What was the climax in this story? The climax is when she says and from whose hand does this ring come from because that is when everyone realizes that her dream is real and that the groom is the one who killed the girl.

Which speaker succeeds in changing the bride’s outlook?

The correct answer would be the bride groom.

What does Natasha think her dad’s greatest regret is?

But the biggest regret in Natasha’s life is the actions of her dad, especially those leading to the deportation. Her objection to being a dreamer is so due to the failures and flaws in her dad’s life, and the current state of their family since he lost his job and started focusing on a life only existing in his head.

How are Natasha and Daniel different?

As they talk, they realize they are attracted to one another, but they are very different. Natasha relies on science and logic, while Daniel is a poet and a creative and passionate individual.

How old is Natasha Kingsley?

Natasha Kingsley, an undocumented immigrant from Jamaica, is one of the seventeen-year-old protagonists of the novel. She came to the US when she was eight years old with her mother, Patricia, to join her father, Samuel.

What does Natasha dream about B How does using this dream to tell the story about the bridegroom create suspense?

The using of this dream to tell the story about “Bridegroom” creates suspense in that the dream is about a murder, and there is an eyewitness. So this creates suspense to know what this is all about. This part creates suspense: “The groom blanches, trembles. Confusion…

What is the central idea of the bridegroom?

The BridegroomQuestionAnswer5. What is the central idea/theme of “The Bridegroom?”5Charming exteriors can hide awful truths.56. “The Bridegroom” is considered a narrative poem because?6The speaker tells a story (characters and plot) from a particular point of view.68 more rows

What details help the bride’s narrative grow in excitement?

What details help the bride’s narrative grow in excitement? Clatter of hooves, the slammed door, and hiding behind the stove.

Where does the bridegroom take place?

Muji CityThe Bridegroom is a collection of twelve short stories by Chinese-American author Ha Jin. The stories are set in Muji City in contemporary China, the same provincial city that served as the setting for his novel Waiting.

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