Question: What Is The Theory Of Delegate Representation Quizlet?

What is the trustee theory of representation What is the delegate theory of representation?

The trustee model of representation is a model of a representative democracy, frequently contrasted with the delegate model of representation.

By contrast, in the delegate model, the representative is expected to act strictly in accordance with the beliefs of their constituents..

What is the delegate view ap gov?

Terms in this set (29) Delegate Model. Legislators should adhere to the will of their constituents. Trustee Model. Legislators should consider the will of the people but act in ways that they believe are best for the long-term interest of the nation.

What’s the difference between a representative and a delegate?

Representatives are free to serve the people as they think best. Delegate representation – elected representatives are delegated the responsibility to act in the interests of the people who elected them. This means that representatives would consider their electorate, state or territory when making decisions.

What is the delegate role?

A delegate is a person selected to represent a group of people in some political assembly of the United States. … In the United States Congress delegates are elected to represent the interests of a United States territory and its citizens or nationals.

What does the whip do ap gov?

Whip: a senator or representative who helps the party leader stay informed about what party members are thinking. … the presiding officer of the HOR and the leader of his/her party in the house.

What are holds in AP Gov?

Hold. Definition. a tactic by which a senator asks to be informed before a particular bill is brought to the floor. This allows the senator to stop the bill from coming to the floor until the hold is removed. Term.

What is a rule AP Gov?

Rules Committee rule that bans amendments to a bill. Open rule. an order from the House Rules Committee that permits a bill to be amended on the floor. Restrictive Rule. an order from the House Rules Committee that permits certain kinds of amendments but not others to be made into a bill on the floor.

What is meant by the delegate and trustee form of representation quizlet?

Whereas the trustee model of representation places the burden of policy making on elected representatives to ascertain what is best for their constituents, the delegate model relies more heavily on responding to what representatives’ constituents say that they want from government.

What does a trustee do in government?

The trustee is responsible for establishing a village budget and making sure that budget is kept.

What is the key difference between the trustee and instructed delegate forms of representation?

They represent two divergent theories on the roles of representatives in government. A trustee makes decisions based on personal judgment, while an instructed delegate makes decisions based on feedback from constituents.

What are the 3 models of representation?

Models of representation There are three main types: delegate, trustee, and politico.

What does delegate mean?

: a person who is chosen or elected to vote or act for others. delegate. verb. English Language Learners Definition of delegate (Entry 2 of 2) : to give (control, responsibility, authority, etc.) to someone : to trust someone with (a job, duty, etc.)

How does a delegate vote quizlet?

Proportional: delegates are divided according to the % of the primary vote a candidate wins (provided the candidate wins at least 15% of the vote. Pledged Delegates: Delegates who vote based on the outcome of the primary or caucus in their states.

How is the job of a delegate different from that of a representative quizlet?

Delegate model is the view that an elected representative should represent the opinions of his or her constituents. Trustee model representation is when a member of the house or senate follows his or her own conscience when deciding issue positions.

What is the delegate model of representation quizlet?

Delegate model: The view that an elected representative should represent the opinions of his or her constituents.

What do delegate representatives do quizlet?

o Delegate: Role played by elected representatives who vote the way their constituents would want them to, regardless of their own opinions.

What is delegate model representation group of answer choices?

The delegate model of representation is a model of a representative democracy. In this model, constituents elect their representatives as delegates for their constituency. … This model was contested by Edmund Burke (1729-1797), an Irish philosopher, who supported the alternative trustee model of representation.

What does the trustee model of representation entrust legislators to do quizlet?

what is the trustee model of representation? the philosophy that legislators should consider the will of the people but act in ways they believe best is best for the long-term interests of the nation.

What is the difference between delegate representation and trustee representation How did the difference lead to the American Revolution?

Delegate representation means that representatives respond to their constituents desires and trustee representation means that representatives do what they consider best for all, regardless of constituent demands, this lead to the revolution because the English were only acting in their self interest and ignored the …

Which model of congressional representation holds that Congress?

delegate modelThe answer is “delegate model”. The delegate model of representation refers to a model of a representative democracy. In this model, constituents choose their delegates as representatives for their supporters.

What is the difference between the trustee model and the instructed delegate model of representation?

The trustee and delegate models of representation offer elected officials two highly divergent approaches for making decisions while in office: the trustee model emphasizes the sound judgment of representatives and encourages them to reach decisions in the best interest of the nation as whole, while the delegate model …

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