Question: What Do The Two Roads Represent?

What is the central message of the road?

The main themes in The Road are the challenges of survival, the importance of family, and father-son relationships.

The challenges of survival: In the novel, McCarthy emphasizes the importance of not only bodily survival, but also the survival of human generosity and kindness..

What is the message of the poem The Road Not Taken?

The main theme of “The Road Not Taken” is that life is full of choices which will define our destinies. The speaker spends a while deliberating when he comes to a fork in the road, which symbolizes a choice he must make in his life.

Why is Ely important in the road?

In some ways, it seems that the boy is the savior sent to save humankind. Ely then represents the state of humanity and the level of despair to which it has descended. The boy’s kindness is the way in which he will rescue people from their current plight.

What is the message in the poem?

Meaning is the word referring comprehensively to the ideas expressed within the poem – the poem’s sense or message. When understanding poetry, we frequently use the words idea, theme, motif, and meaning.

What is Class 9 diverged?

Answer: In this context, ‘Diverged’ means a fork in the road- figuratively and metaphorically. Explanation: In “The Road Not Taken,” the meaning of the poem is about a person having to choose between two roads. “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood” and the speaker is torn between which road is the best choice.

What does the road represent?

The roads represent the problem of decision-making. Human beings suffer because of their choices and decisions. They find themselves in such situations at every step in their lives. Out of the available options, they have to choose the one that may take them to their destination.

What does it mean to carry the fire in the road?

The man often uses the phrase “carrying the fire” to describe his dogged perseverance in surviving the post-apocalyptic world. … Before the man dies, he tells the boy to keep carrying the fire and going down the road – basically, to keep hope alive in a seemingly hopeless world.

Why the other road had a better claim?

He decided to take the ‘other’ road which was less frequented and travelled by the people. The ‘other’ road had a better claim as it was grassy. It invited the people to walk on it. … In the yellow autumnal wood, two roads diverged into two directions.

What does yellow wood signify?

(i) a yellow wood: The yellow woods represents the season of autumn. Autumn also stands for old age and inactivity. The poet could be symbolically talking about his later stages of life when he finds it hard to take a decision.

What is the significance of the two roads in the poem Class 9?

The two roads in the poem indicate two different paths. One is a common or desirable path while the other is a path full of difficulties. The two roads symbolise the choices that the poet faces in life. He says that he feels bad that he cannot take both.

How are the two roads described in the poem?

The poet (Robert Frost) observed the two roads carefully as much as he can and then he described the first road as most used road by people and it was muddy but where as in the second case(road) it is grazy and ‘wanted a wear ‘ .

What does the branching of the roads referred to in life?

Answer: The poet intends to walk on the first road but he couldn’t do so because life does not find the word from the extract which means the same as branched out .

What lesson does the poem The Road Not Taken teach us?

The moral lesson that Frost conveys through the poem is that whenever life gives us choices, we must make the decisions wisely. He also says that the decisions must be taken independently without fearing its consequences as it is what ‘makes all the difference.

What does the road represent in the road?

As a unifying place for travel, the road is a place of both transience and danger, and in the novel it comes to symbolize the human drive to keep moving and keep surviving, no matter the circumstances.

What is the significance of two roads in real life?

Explanation: The road in this poem symbolizes a person’s decision or the path of life. So, the divergence of road in real life denotes the difference of opinion. Often we find ourselves confused between two or more decisions of life.

What is the significance of choosing a road?

What is the significance of choosing a road? Answer: The two roads that the poet-traveller faces in his walk or journey are symbolic of the choices that we have to encounter in our life. The journey or a simple walk itself is a metaphor for the great journey of life.

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