Question: What District Does Jim Cooper Represent?

How many representatives does Tennessee have in the US Senate?

Marsha Blackburn (Republican Party)Bill Hagerty (Republican Party)Tennessee/Senators.

What district is Knox County TN?

Knox County, TennesseeKnox County• Estimate (2019)470,313• Density850/sq mi (330/km2)Congressional district2ndWebsiteknoxcounty.org20 more rows

Who replaced Lamar Alexander?

Lamar AlexanderLeaderMitch McConnellPreceded byJon KylSucceeded byJohn Thune5th United States Secretary of Education37 more rows

Who are the two Tennessee State Representatives for Johnson City?

MembersDistrictNameResidence1John CrawfordKingsport2Bud HulseyKingsport3Scotty CampbellBlountville4John Holsclaw Jr.Johnson City53 more rows

Who is the representative for District 1 in Tennessee?

The district’s current representative is Republican Diana Harshbarger, who was first elected in 2020 following the retirement of Republican Phil Roe.

What cities are in White County TN?

SpartaDoyleWhite County/Cities

How many House seats does Tennessee have?

The state is divided into 99 House districts from each of which one representative is elected. Each district is comprised of approximately 64,102 residents. The House goes through a re-districting process every 10 years.

What county is Johnson City in Tennessee?

Washington CountyJohnson City is primarily located in Washington County, although some outer parts of the city are in Carter and Sullivan Counties.

What district is Murfreesboro TN?

The 4th congressional district of Tennessee is a congressional district in southern Tennessee….Tennessee’s 4th congressional districtDistribution43.84% ruralPopulation (2019)812,697Median household income$59,461Ethnicity84.95% White 9.23% Black 6.21% Hispanic 1.59% Asian 0.23% Native American3 more rows

How many districts are in TN?

There are currently nine United States congressional districts in Tennessee based on results from the United States 2010 Census. There have been as few as eight and as many as thirteen congressional districts in Tennessee. The 13th district and the 12th district were lost after the 1840 Census.

Who are the candidates for Senate in Tennessee?

ResultsPartyCandidate%DemocraticMarquita Bradshaw35.51%DemocraticRobin Kimbrough Hayes26.64%DemocraticJames Mackler23.77%DemocraticGary G. Davis9.26%2 more rows

What cities are in Washington County TN?

JonesboroughGrayTelfordOak GroveMidwayWashington County/Cities

What district is Nashville in?

Tennessee’s 5th congressional districtRepresentativeJim Cooper D–NashvilleDistribution88.68% urban 11.32% ruralPopulation (2019)778,094Median household income$63,2953 more rows

What congressional district is Chattanooga TN?

The 3rd congressional district of Tennessee is a congressional district in East Tennessee….Tennessee’s 3rd congressional districtRepresentativeChuck Fleischmann R–ChattanoogaDistribution62.76% urban 37.24% ruralPopulation (2019)743,225Median household income$52,4913 more rows

Who are the two senators in Tennessee?

Marsha Blackburn (Republican Party)Bill Hagerty (Republican Party)Tennessee/Senators

Who is the senator of Tennessee 2019?

Tennessee’s current Senators are Republicans Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty.

Who represents Tennessee in Congress?

The current deans of the Tennessee delegation are Senator Marsha Blackburn and Representative Jim Cooper (TN-5), both having served in Congress continuously since 2003.

Is Washington County TN a dry county?

Johnson County remains one of 13 counties in Tennessee designated as “dry.” Neighboring counties of Carter County, TN and Washington County, VA allow the sale of packaged wine and liquor and bars and restaurants are permitted to serve alcohol.

How do you run for Tennessee Senate?

To seek or hold the office of United States Senate, a person must be at least 30 years of age, a citizen of the United States for 9 years, and a Tennessee resident. Qualifying Petition. Candidates may obtain a nominating petition from a county election commission office or the office of the Coordinator of Elections.