How Do I Vote On The Voice 2019?

What is Voice app?

The Voice Access app for Android lets you control your device with spoken commands.

Use your voice to open apps, navigate, and edit text hands-free..

Who are the top 9 on The Voice 2020?

Each of the Top 9 artists—Joanna Serenko, Todd Tilghman, Toneisha Harris, Megan Danielle, Micah Iverson, CammWess, Zan Fiskum, Allegra Miles and Thunderstorm Artis—will perform a special song in tribute of one of their biggest fans, whether it be a family member, friend or someone in their hometown currently under …

Who Will Win The Voice 2020?

Carter RubinMonths after The Voice blind auditions aired on NBC, the show has just crowned its season 19 winner — and this year, it’s 15-year-old Carter Rubin of Team Gwen who came out on top.

Who votes for the winner of The Voice?

The winner is determined by television viewers voting by telephone, internet, SMS text, and iTunes Store purchases of the audio-recorded artists’ vocal performances. They receive US$100,000 and a record deal with Universal Music Group for winning the competition.

Who gets the instant save on the voice?

More videos on YouTube When it’s time for the Instant Save to be revealed, Team Blake’s Ian Flanigan is saved by America’s vote, joining Desz, John Holiday, Jim Ranger, and Carter Rubin in the Top 5.

How do you vote on the voice?

Download The Voice Official App now and watch NBC to start voting for artists and building your fantasy team. * VOTE for your favorite artists during Live Shows. * SAVE your favorite artists directly from the app. * STREAM video clips of your favorite artists’ performances after each episode.

How do I vote instant save on the voice?

The Instant Save voting window opens for all time zones during the ET/CT broadcast of “The Voice” Tuesday night, according to Beginning at 8 p.m. ET on Dec. 8, viewers can save their favorite singer via the official “Voice” app or at

How do I vote on The Voice UK?

How to vote onlineGet ready to vote. Before you can vote, you need to be signed in. … Go to The Voice UK vote page. You’ll be able to vote once all the artists have performed and the vote is declared open. … Vote. The artists will be listed in alphabetical order. … Scroll down and press ‘Vote Now’

How much do you get paid on the voice?

What does The Voice winner get? The winner of The Voice receives a cash prize of $100,000 and a record deal with Universal Music Group. This is what many of the show’s previous winners have all been given.

How many times can I vote on the voice?

10 timesYou can vote 10 times per each method, on, on The Voice App and on XFinity.

What does the winner of The Voice get?

The winner of The Voice gets a few different things; first, they earn the trophy that is in the shape of a “V,” which shows that they’re the winner of the season. The winner is also given a $100,000 cash prize and a contract with Universal Music Group, according to People.

How much do the voice judges get paid 2020?

When it comes to longtime coaches Blake Shelton (who hasn’t skipped a single season of The Voice since he joined the show on season 1) and Adam Levine (who left after season 16), their reported contracts stipulated that they’d receive around $13 million dollars per season, per Distractify.

Do masked singer contestants get paid?

Although it is expected that contestants are receiving some form of a weekly stipend, as they do on ‘Dancing With The Stars’, it turns out the celebs on ‘The Masked Singer’, don’t make a single penny!

Do you pay to vote on the voice?

The Voice Official App and Online The app is free, and allows you to be in the “coach’s chair,” as you can not only vote but also build a fantasy team, tweet the coaches and artists, get links to music, and more. If you want to save space on your phone, you can also vote online at

How do I vote for the voice Google assistant?

You Can Now Use Google Assistant To Vote Using a Google Assist-enabled phone or speaker, say, “Hey Google, vote for The Voice” during the voting window. Once voting is activated by Google Assistant, you can tap or use voice command to assign votes to your favorite artists.

How are the voice finalists chosen?

The finalists the public have chosen are Okulaja, Hannah Williams, Grace Holden and Craig Eddie. Brits had to chose their favourite act from each of the coaches. Okulaja, an 18-year-old student hailing from Kent, will be representing Team Will in the final. … Lastly, from Team Anne-Marie, viewers voted for Craig Eddie.

Is the voice on ITV?

But unlike the previous five years it’s going to be on ITV, rather than BBC1. And the swap in channel has also brought some changes on the show itself (not including the ads). From new coaches to unseen formats, there’s plenty to look out for when the show launches on 7pm. So, without further adieu, this is the Voice!

Do the contestants on The Voice get to keep their clothes?

Contestants have to supply their own clothes for the blind auditions, but things get a little easier once they are attached to a team. Morrissey shared, “We shop for each artist to come up with great looks. Once we get to the live shows, looks are customized for each specific performance.”